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Testimonials Of The 2012 Freelance Couriers
Success System!

Hi everyone,

Just have to say that you can put 100% trust in Andre Hendricks and his team at and  His freelance courier system is just the best.

In the courier business the easy bit is the driving, the hard part is finding the work, but if you put in to practice what Andre has to teach you, and put in the effort to put it all into practice new customers will come knocking at your door for sure.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but remember this, you only get out of life what you put in, and Andre will always be there to guide you along, he is a genuine guy, and I cant thank him enough for what he,s done for me.

I just landed a very good contract (£700 - £800 per week) and another in the pipeline.

Paul Harris
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

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Elrich Had To Say!


Hi Andre.

Just to let you know the material is very comprehensive. The videos is also a great help in demonstrating the steps involved in the courier system.

Also your support has been very prompt and it's nice to know one can count on you. I'll be sure to recommend your product.

All the best and take care

Elrich Saunderson
Soneike (SA)

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Had To Say!

 Hi Andre

I have gone through the e-book, its very informative as to start new Courier business,

It has all step by step guidance with examples and business tips and video instructions as to setup own freelance courier business. I really found it great!

Chaudhry Haroon
Slough, Berkshire

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Had To Say!


 It has actually presented me as a seasoned  professional. It has given me some technical ,know- how- negotiating power...

 I sent out the letter and consequently some of the companies has made contact with me. I have recently received a 3 year contract that pays
 £800+ per week!

 I'm just over the moon concerning what has  happened, but most importantly I just want to mention that anyone who is interested in the  freelance courier business, I must recommend completely, what I call the total package, needs this manual..

 It will provide a person with the intellectual know-how and the right things that he needs at his disposal, a website and advertising tools now all these are a combining winning formula all the time!

 Frankly this is what this has done for me even though I'm just

Michael Iyol
Walsall, West Midlands

Hi Andre.

I have paid £58 to Ryder and after everything they just send me an ordinary text book without any other help but the information I received from you was both practical and

Innocent I. Ochei
Ifield Crawley

Hi Andre,

Thanks again for the fabulous package you supplied with the courier business your training videos are the best I've ever seen or followed.

By all means please use my comments in relation to your courier package itís exceptional value for money. Thanks also for your helpful tips

Warm regards

Colin Eade
Consett, Durham,UK


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Had To Say!


Hi Andre

Its a brilliant manual, I have ever read. Everything is fully explained and described.

I sure that one can start the Courier business from scratch by going through this book. It has best examples and video tutorials for comprehension.

David John

Hi Andre

This comprehensive marketing material provided by Andre Hendricks has provided me with new and exciting ideas for the growth of my new business, and from these ideas i feel my business will take a very interesting direction going forward. I am very impressed. Bravo Andre!

Neil Robb
Aberdeenshire, UK

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Had To Say!

Hi Andre

"Well, the information in this e-book is marvelous and up to date.
It will certainly help to start one's own freelance courier business successfully as I reckon. I'm fully satisfied with this product and recommend others who wish to be their own boss."

Shabbir Khan

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Had To Say!



Hi Andre

It has been very informative and has helped me to understand the inside working of the courier industry! ..." it has also give me good knowledge on how to negotiate.

..." I would highly recommend anyone person is in the courier industry or want to start to get this manual..

Chucks Ihearahu
Cheshunt, Herts


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